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2010 2009
AED’000 AED’000
Cash Loans 5,307 4,766
Automatic non-forfeiture provisions 3,523 2,839
Balance as at 31 December 8,830 7,605
The interest on policy holders’ loan is 8% (2009: 8%)


2010 2009
AED’000 AED’000
Investments held to maturity
Government bonds-quoted 90,109 39,487
Bonds of international organizations 35,646 45,292
Investments held for sale
Shares of foreign companies 3,946 4,814
129,701 89,593

The investments in Goverment bonds represents PAK Government Bonds purchased from the Government and in the open market

The investments in bonds of international organization comprises of bonds and securities issued by them.

The investments in shares of foreign companies comprise of investments in quoted shared of international companies and are valued at market price prevailing at the balance sheet date

Fixed Deposits

Short term deposits comprise of fixed deposits with various local banks bearing annual interest rate of 3.75% to 4.0%. The maturity of these deposits falls within one year.

Govt. Securities

These include instruments issued by Government of Pakistan such as Treasury bills, Pakistan Investment Bonds etc.

Approved Govt. Securities

These include instruments as Wapda Bonds, Provincial Securities/TFCs etc.


These include loans in the form of Term finance certificates etc.


These include shares of listed and unlisted companies.

Immovable Property

These include buildings, plots etc.

As at 31-12-2009

Investment Portfolio 2008

(Rs. in millions)
Particulars Portfolio
Govt. Securities 145,687
TFCs/Approved Govt. Securities 4,598
Equities 24,450
Bank Deposits 12,485
Investment properties 2,538
Policy Loans 16,046

As at 31-12-2009

Investment Income

(Rs. in millions)
Particulars Portfolio
Govt. Securities 14,928
TFCs/Approved Govt. Securities 630
Equities 2,420
Bank Deposits 934
Investment properties 1,692
Policy Loans 742